Empowering Women to Lead
with Confidence and Authenticity

Liz Smith

Liz Smith

  • MBA from Pepperdine University
  • Executive Master of Leadership from the University of Southern California 
  • 25 years of leadership experience in a complex industry

Liz has spent most of her professional life in the health care industry where she has held several leadership positions. In addition she has and continues to be actively involved in various organization boards where she has had the opportunity to be instrumental in implementing change and contributing to success. During her career as an executive in health care she experienced numerous changes and navigated through much uncertainty in a very complex industry. 

While climbing the corporate ladder she recognized that as she advanced in her career what previously got her to her current position was not very effective in getting her to the next level that she aspired;  consequently she changed her strategy  for future successes  which eventually payed off and she ended up having a very fulfilling and successful career.

During her tenure she recognized the value of empowering others and encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves.  It was then that she took the initiative to mentor and coach others in preparation them for their own career advancements. This was very timely because unexpected her company when through a down- sizing phase and her position was eliminated.

This was an opportune time for Liz to embrace her passion- executive coaching and focus her efforts on empowering professional women to live their passion and fulfill their destiny. It was at this time she started her company "Peak Performance Leadership Journey".

As a strong advocate for leadership, Liz takes personal interest in fostering learning environments as a platform to challenge emerging and current leaders to excel in their leadership skills, knowledge and abilities; embrace inevitable changes while leading in the 21st Century and fulfill on the mission, vision and goals of their organization /company.

This approach can result in a win- win opportunity for the organization/ company and also you the professional woman committed to being a high performing leaders as you navigate your journey to success.


To be the executive coaching and leadership company of choice for professional women empowering them to step out of their comfort zone and be the great leader they were created to be in fulfilling their destiny with enormous impact.


I will work with you to create a successful vision for your future that encompasses your core values, passion, purpose and mission as you embark upon your leadership journey towards success.


I am committed to my vision by staying grounded in my core values which include the following: authenticity, integrity, accountability, collaboration, innovation and productivity. I work towards aligning the leadership style of the professional woman to better fit the critical success factors of their organization/ company in strategically positioning them for future career and personal development.